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I’ve been creating visual concepts for over 14 years, both in fashion and graphic design. In that field, I am the creative director and art director who works with Idea and concept development from beginning to end of a project, visual merchandising, set design on photoshoots, graphic design, photography and styling.

I hold a Bachelor diploma in Graphic Design/Visual fashion Communicationand i keep up to date on trends, both in fashion and on the digital front. I have successfully designed solutions for print, digital media, websites and social media platforms. 

I’m a creative thinker with a brilliant eye for detail, and a personal desire to go above and beyond and think out of the box. I can envision and execute fun and engaging visual ideas and concepts that capture people’s attention and deliver results. I'm a perfectionist, Thorough and ambitiousMy career is my passion. I don’t just bring skills to the table. I bring enthusiasm and dedication, and I never stop before it’s unconditionally perfect.

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